7 Other 'Best Of' Wrestling Series You Need To See

5. Bryan Danielson Vs. Homicide - ROH 2005

Booker T Chris Benoit Best of Series 2005

Going a few years back with this one, to a time when the thought of Bryan Danielson headlining WrestleMania would have brought only confused and cynical reactions. Sure, Danielson was already one of the best wrestlers in the world at this time, but it was a time when René Duprée was a big deal in WWE. Danielson just didn't fit the mould.

As 2004 became 2005 the future Daniel Bryan found himself embroiled in a feud with Homicide, and a Best of Five Series was booked between the two staples of ROH. The matches were what you would expect from the company, which was putting on the best wrestling on the continent at that time.

Homicide was victorious in the first two bouts, the first of which was a Tap Out match followed by a Taped Fist match. The scene was set for a remarkable comeback from the American Dragon, who pulled out wins in Falls Count Anywhere, Lumberjack and Steel Cage bouts to take the series 3-2.


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