7 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Will Struggle To Carry WWE

Roman is Vince's guy, but will the fans believe in that?

John Cena has been the face of WWE for close to 10 years now. His main event run has far exceeded the length of Steve Austin€™s, The Rock€™s, and even Hulk Hogan€™s. But his time on top is coming to a close. It may not be within the next year or two, but Vince McMahon is going to need to find a successor. Ryback was too one-dimensional, CM Punk was too much of a headache and Daniel Bryan doesn€™t fit the archetype that McMahon has laid forth for what he wants in a superstar. A man who does fit that vision is Roman Reigns. Much like the producers of the 007 films having to find a new James Bond every few years, the boss appears to have chosen Reigns as his next guy to carry the company. Since breaking away from The Shield, he's been pushed heavily until an injury took him out of action. Now that he€™s back, it may only be a matter of time before he gets the rocket strapped to his back. Unfortunately, the reviews so far are pretty mixed, and that€™s not a good sign for the next big thing. Reigns has improved in every category since his debut, but he€™s being held to a standard that no other superstar is. He needs to be great. While he may be a star for the company for years to come, here are seven reasons why he will struggle to carry WWE.
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