7 Short-Lived WWE Shows You Forgot Existed

3. WWF Shotgun Saturday Night

Shotgun Saturday Night

Much edgier than WWE's weekly programming, Shotgun Saturday Night aired late on Saturdays starting from January 1997. Its post-watershed slot allowed the company to venture into more mature territory with it being broadcast from various nightlife locations in New York City, including the Mirage nightclub, All-Star Cafe, and even Penn Station.

Seeing the action take place in these unlikely locations certainly added a unique vibe to the show and set it apart from the others. However, it didn't take long for the exciting venues to be dropped and the top-tier superstars to be removed altogether. As a result, the matches were taped before Raw and the show eventually became WWE's weekly B-show, highlighting some of the lower-level talent while recapping Raw as well.

With its individuality gone, Shotgun Saturday Night was rendered nothing more than just one of the many things that WWE lost interest in. Unfortunately, this would eventually lead to its cancellation in 1999.


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