7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2007

2. The Undertaker Was The First Man To Win As #30

This was the 19th Royal Rumble match with 30 entrants. For all those years people wondered when WWE would book somebody to enter the Rumble at #30 and win the match. It finally happened when The Undertaker entered the fray with six guys left in the ring. The Undertaker quickly got rid of The Great Khali, who had been a rival of his and then he tossed MVP out of the ring as well. Undertaker was absolutely on fire as soon as he got in there. It was a big name final four with Undertaker in there with Shawn Michaels and Rated RKO members Edge & Randy Orton. Michaels ended up taking an RKO that sent him to the floor although he went under the bottom rope. Undertaker was left to deal with the two heels who weakened him thanks to an Orton chair shot the head to bust him open. The bloody Undertaker dominated Edge and Orton briefly, but then he took another steel chair shot to the head, this time by Edge. When it looked like Rated RKO was going to do a conchairto to Undertaker, Michaels got back into the ring, gave Orton a backdrop over the top rope and then a superkick to Edge send him out. That set up the final two sequence for Undertaker and Michaels. Going back to the #30 point, it was good to see WWE put over somebody with that number because that's the whole point of the match. If a wrestler comes in later they have the advantage of being the freshest guy in the match, so it was fitting that they would do it with one of the most popular guys in the match, The Undertaker.

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