7 Most Underrated WWE Rivlaries

7. Trish Stratus Vs. Victoria

A lot of fans remember Trish's rivalries with Lita and Mickie James as her best ones, which is a fair point. However, let's not forget about the awesome feud she had with Victoria as well. They really complimented each other well with Trish as the pretty blonde vixen who wanted to prove that she was more than just a model while Victoria was a stronger wrestler that looked more physically imposing. Looking back on the feud, it's interesting to note that neither woman was that experienced when they were feuding from 2002 to 2004. Trish only started wrestling a couple of years earlier while Victoria started around the same time. They were both quick learners that WWE was able to rely on when they really needed them. Their most famous match might have been at Survivor Series 2002 when they had a Hardcore Match at New York City's Madison Square Garden. That was unheard of for two women, but they were able to use weapons and worked a physical style. You may recall that Victoria nailed Trish with a steel chair leading up to the match too. They really weren't afraid to do things that only the guys were doing at that time and you won't see women in WWE doing those things today either. There were a number of great feuds in the careers of both women. Seeing them go at it when they were both fairly new in wrestling was a pleasure to watch.

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