7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (July 9)

7. Free Agency

John Cena WWE

That was a lot of build up for a whole lot of nothing.

John Cena can cut a good promo. He's done it many times. He can also pander and be so incredibly cheesy that you wish he'd act like an actual human being for two minutes. SmackDown was one of those nights.

After weeks of heavy hype, Cena returned to explain the mysterious "free agent" talk. He didn't quite do that. It was also additionally odd, because time-and-time again on TV he denies his WWE run is coming to an end so he can go star in Hefty commercials full-time. But instead of alleviating those fears of Vince McMahon, he only fed into that speculation by basically saying it's kind of true, which is why he wants to fight a bunch of people from both brands right now.

So his contract ran its course then? He can also go to ROH, GFW, and Lucha Underground? Actually, Cena battling an army of undead skeletons would be pretty sweet.

Nah. Just Raw and SmackDown. At least it seems? But for now, he has bigger fish to fry: Rusev. You know, the guy Big Show mauled right before he left Raw. Considering everyone knows how that match is going to go down, why not actually deliver it on the Fourth of July when it would have meant something? That's PEAK FLAG MATCH NIGHT.

Well, it's good to have Cena around for his star power but hopefully his next few grand returns are a little more well-thought-out.


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