7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (July 9)

6. El Patron Vs. Lashley

Slammiversary SX Lashley Alberto El Patron

In an interview before Slammiversary, Alberto El Patron claimed his match with Bobby Lashley would be "one million" times better than Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe. Somehow this tall tale didn't make him burst into a great ball of fire.

Unless Lesnar slips on a banana peel, knocks himself unconscious, s**ts himself in the middle of the ring, and Joe pins him in 14 seconds, then that claim will not possibly be true.

El Patron and Lashley just didn't deliver in the way they needed to in their big main event match. GFW is in an uphill battle to win back fans and their pay-per-view model is now counter-productive to that goal. If they're going to charge the price of four months of the WWE Network, then they have to absolutely kill it and leave fans going bonkers over what they just saw. What they saw was a pretty good match that was ridiculous at parts (King Mo selling for the chops of Dos Caras) and forgotten by Thursday...because the company then booked the exact same match on their free show!

So not only is their price point completely outrageous in 2017, but they lost more goodwill with actual customers because they aired the thing they had paid for days earlier.

New initials, exact same problems.


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