7 Wrestlers Who Hated Their Own Theme Songs

2. Randy Orton

Randy Orton wasn't so lucky, at least not at first.

After breaking out on his own from the warm bosom of Evolution, Randy suffered through four full years of hearing Mercy Drive's 'Burn In My Light' play him to the ring. Being honest, this writer was always a fan of the song. It didn't exactly suit Orton's later 'Viper' character, but then he wasn't that guy at first.

He was an entitled, spoiled and legend-smashing young brat who believed his own hype. Therefore, Mercy Drive's sugary American radio rock seemed a good fit. In a 2008 interview with Game Daily, Randy slaughtered the thing, said he'd, "hated it from the first day I heard it" and then said he'd despised it even when WWE tried to tweak later on.

It's no accident that Randy's music changed to the much darker 'Voices' that same year. He'd gone to both Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn, pleaded his case and didn't give up until they relented and said he could get new music.

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