7 Wrestling Matches You Won't Believe Actually Happened

5. Owen Hart Vs. Kurt Angle

AJ Lee vs Bayley

Olympic medalist and complete novice Kurt Angle's wrestling education received a huge boost during the dark segment of the 10/5/1999 episode of Saturday Night Shotgun, as he came up against Owen Hart, a man who had similarly helped show a certain Rocky Maivia the ropes.

Whilst a clash of a current and future legend was flying under the radar, the episode was headlined by the almost literally emetic prospect of Droz vs. Meat, which was every bit as bad as it sounds. Droz vs. Meat!

Angle would make his formal WWF debut six months later at the Survivor Series, whilst just a fortnight hence, Owen Hart tragically fell to his death in the Kemper Arena. The few hundred fans in attendance for this unrecorded match had no idea how privilege they were to catch a taste of what should have been a future classic.

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