7 Wrestling Matches You Won't Believe Actually Happened

4. The Undertaker Vs. New Jack

The thought of The Undertaker, a gimmick about as far removed from the Jim Cornette school of southern 'rasslin' as can possibly be envisaged, alighting in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1995 is fairly preposterous as it is, but the idea that the Dead Man feuded with New Jack during his spell in Appalachia simply defies belief (although perhaps less so in light of learning 'Mean' Mark's Republican leanings).

Though no footage of the actual match exists, that's precisely what happened. After throwing all his best tag teams at Smoky Mountain's insurgent menace that was The Gangstas, manager Jim Cornette (who also happened to the territory's promoter) turned to his other paymasters for help. WWE sent the big guns, as The Phenom arose to team with almost-Southern Boys Tracy Smothers and Bob Armstrong against New Jack, Mustafa Saed, and D'Lo Brown.

To prove they didn't fear no 'Takers, The Gangstas recorded a brilliant skit within a cemetery. Thankfully, that tape has survived. Whether the mardy trio did is another matter.

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