7 Wrestling Matches You Won't Believe Actually Happened

3. Cesaro Vs. Kenny Omega

Despite comfortably settling into a stable and largely productive mid-card tag team role over the past three years, the dissenting 'push Cesaro!' voices still continue to ring out around certain subsets of internet wrestling fandom. The Swiss Superman has been with WWE since 2011. He's 38. If his rise to the upper echelons hasn't happened by this point, it isn't going to.

If only he'd jack it all in and head to AEW, where he could have dream matches with the likes of Kenny Omega! Can you imagine? Well, you don't have to, because the pair actually came face to face in the opener of Ring Of Honor's Final Battle 2008, and once more a year later at the mealy-mouthed Glory By Honor VIII: The Final Countdown. The Cleaner's stock has arguably rose somewhat in the past ten years, so a repeat would be more than welcome.

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