8 Cross-Promotion Wrestling Dream Matches We Will Never See

These are all match of the century candidates - too bad you'll never see them!

Jon Moxley Vs Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins Shield Triple Threat

The wrestling world is currently more intertwined than it has been in years, thanks, primarily, to the fabled Forbidden Door opened beneath WWE's market share, seemingly prompting Nick Khan and Vince McMahon to want a slice of the pie for themselves.

The lines are far more blurred than they used to be, as many companies are willing to share their wrestlers out, with AEW willingly letting their performers take other dates and even WWE getting in on the mix with a possible NJPW partnership on its way.

Despite the larger possibilities of talent exchange that the modern landscape has, there are still plenty of dream matches that we probably won't get the chance to see.

The following pairings are bouts that would undoubtedly rock the house, as these superstars seem destined to have great chemistry and are similar enough to feel equally matched. However, thanks to the restrictions of their companies, ages, loyalties and other factors, it's unlikely that you'll ever be chanting for your favourite in a one on one bout.

Hopefully, this list might be proved wrong one day, but the chances of that are slimmer than Vince McMahon giving Cesaro a Universal Title run.

8. Cesaro Vs. Kota Ibushi

Jon Moxley Vs Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins Shield Triple Threat

Cesaro is easily one of World Wrestling Entertainment fan's most appreciated in-ring performers. If you were to look across the pond to NJPW, then you'd see the same in Kota Ibushi, as he's a great example of the gold WWE could have on their hands if they pushed Cesaro.

There's no real need to explain why a showdown between these two would be iconic, as they are equally matched regarding their match quality and workhouse reputations. We even have evidence that the pair have great chemistry, as seen in their 2008 encounter for ROH. But, they've both grown since then, and seeing them face off with their contemporary prestige and reputation would be bigger and better.

While Ibushi has spent time in WWE, most notably in the Cruiserweight and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics, the idea of him signing is unthinkable, as he's found a solid footing in NJPW and wouldn't give that up.

Overall, the odds of seeing WWE allow talent exchange with NJPW seems pretty slim, as the partnership rumours tend to only focus on Daniel Bryan, so don't get your hopes up for this slobber-knocker of a bout.


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