8 Funniest Wrestling Fan Heckles

7. Never Kid A Kidman

Ultimate Warrior

The magic of a heckle is often captured best in its cruelty, and there's perhaps never been a case of kicking a wrestler while they're down than when a WCW ringsider dropped the naughtiest words of all after Billy Kidman badly whiffed on a Shooting Star Press.

For an infamous botch you have absolutely definitely seen, the hideous hilarity of it is actually in what you hear. Kidman pings off the rope upon landing with the full weight of himself on the top strand instead of Lord Steven Regal, completely breaking the immersion at the worst possible time.

A fan who hasn't bought his ticket to be sympathetic celebrates by audibly doing a Nelson Muntz-quality "HA HA" before ending the Filthy Animal's night with "You f*cking c*nt!". Swear words aren't always funny, but these two are totally hilarious for how needless they are - in theory, nothing anybody could say could humble the cruiserweight as much as his own action. In practice, it turned out two words managed it pretty well.


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