8 HUGE WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Predictions You Need To Know

7. Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos

Bayley Backlash

What a strange programme this is at this point.

Bobby Lashley turned babyface in fairly unfavourable circumstances earlier this year, having to toast a tainted Royal Rumble victory over Brock Lesnar as if he was living his boyhood dream. The move was ultimately for the best, as was MVP's heel turn the night after WrestleMania. But where's this going?

Omos might win here to 50/50 the whole thing and set up a rubber bout at Hell In A Cell with MVP in a shark cage, but the money match is actually with the manager himself. Montel Vontavius Porter's last matches were in tags alongside Lashley in 2021, but the tease of him working against his former charge has been the icing on a tasteless cake since the turn. He can provide all the cheating in a sleazier version of their WrestleMania hoss battle to continue to the road to the eventual showdown, but Omos needs a big spot more than he needs a big win.

Winner - Omos


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