8 Match Star Ratings For WWE Clash Of Champions 2020

Instilling belief in the Chief.


The build to this pay-per-view sucked sh*t.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre exchanged the moves that define their personas to the complete detriment of Keith Lee's momentum. This, after Orton whiffed several punt kicks to injure a jaw we know was injured because Drew McIntyre talked perfectly through it but had to clutch at it a few times. Orton then cut a five minute soliloquy by an ambulance because we are too dumb to remember what sort of match it was.

Apollo Crews had mandatory rematch to invoke probably. Angel Garza and Andrade developed a chemistry at long last when that jezebel Zelina Vega stopped interfering with their sh*t. They'd already challenged for gold when they weren't getting along.

Bayley needed a babyface opponent before the Sasha Banks match, and while she'd already faced Nikki Cross 10 times over the spring and summer, she hadn't done so lately. That wasn't a concern for the Kickoff match, nor two thirds of the matches on the f*cking card.

Except the build to Roman Reigns Vs. Jey Uso did not suck sh*t.

A genuinely adventurous and convincing programme plotted and framed with elusive artistry - Jey would come to fear the reckoning glimpsed on his cousin's face a couple of weeks ago - for once, the creative process levelled up to the talent...


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