8 Most Desired Fights For UFC Vs. Bellator Supercard

7. Rafael Lovato Jr Vs. Yoel Romero

It is important to note that these matchups aren't always going to pit fighters against their respective counterparts. Instead, these fights have been selected in the hope of what would produce interesting bouts by finding the most intriguing stylistic matchups.

So in a battle of truly elite grapplers, former Bellator Middleweight Champion and multi-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Rafael Lovato Jr. faces off against Olympic silver medalist and UFC mainstay Yoel Romero.

Both men have found great success in the cage despite the fact that neither had made their MMA debut before the age of 30. Despite not practising all of the various facets of the game from an early age, both fighters have since gone on to develop a well-rounded skillset.

Lovato Jr. is a more than capable striker and has great takedowns for someone who never wrestled at a collegiate level which he uses to force the fight towards his area of expertise. Romero however, has shown that despite his incredible wrestling pedigree, he prefers to utilise his explosive striking while sporadically mixing in takedowns to keep his opponent guessing and force openings.

Unfortunately, it's possible that Lovato Jr's triumph over Gegard Mousasi will prove to be the end of his burgeoning career. Abnormalities in a recent brain scan have forced the American to relinquish his Bellator Middleweight championship and take an indefinite break from MMA competition.

Prediction: If Lovato Jr could manage to take Romero down, it's possible he could grind out a decision on his Cuban opponent but Romero's speed and power will prove too much in this matchup, leading to a late TKO finish for the Soldier of God.

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