8 Times TNA Tried To Be WWE

8. ​Abyss Imitates Mankind And Kane


The most famous example of TNA ripping off a gimmick wholesale is of course in the case of Chris Park’s masked alter ego Abyss.

To begin with, Abyss was clearly defined by his inspiration Kane. There’s the enormous size of course, and both wore the mask. Beyond that, there are their characters: both were mute, silent serial killer types, very much like horror movie villains Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

As the Abyss character progressed, he became a lot more like the original iteration of Mankind, the damaged, childlike personality at war with the monster he’d become, capable of extraordinary acts of violence.

Abyss even began to use a two-by-four studded with dozens of nails, a weapon he called Janice - which, in turn, was a deliberate fudge of Mankind’s barbed wire baseball bat, Barbie.


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