8 Worst Possible Outcomes At WWE Money In The Bank 2018

8. The Bludgeon Bros Squash Gallows & Anderson

The Bludgeon Brothers Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

Granted, somebody had to go on the pre-show, but did it really need to be the SmackDown Tag-Team Title crew?

The bogus Zayn vs. Lashley match would have been a better choice there, and the fact this battle of brothers (Bludgeon vs. Good) is on the Kickoff means it'll be a short one. Hopefully, that doesn't mean Harper and Rowan will blast through Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson like they're a pair of jobbers.


It'd be a disaster for the Good Brothers if they're treated like losers at MITB. They don't necessarily need to win, and it doesn't seem likely they will, though it wouldn't do them any good to be flattened by the Bludgeon Bros either. In order for this to hold any weight at all, it must be a back and forth competitive match.

The Bludgeon side can win, they just can't hammer Gallows and Anderson. Remember, a few short months ago that pair were hanging around with Finn Bálor on Raw and trading "Too Sweet" gestures with D-Generation X at Raw 25 before that.

They don't deserve to be squished.


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