8 Worst Possible Outcomes At WWE Money In The Bank 2018

7. Elias Wins The Intercontinental Title

Seth Rollins

This writer thought it was a mistake to take the Intercontinental Title from The Miz at WrestleMania 34. Seth Rollins has taken that opinion, charged against the ropes and delivered one almighty Curb Stomp to it, just like he did to Elias' guitar on Monday night.

As IC Champ, Rollins has morphed into Raw's best babyface, and that must continue. What's the alternative? His momentum is slowed and WWE put the belt on Elias just because they can? Screw that: the Intercontinental gold has been treated with more respect by guys like Miz and Rollins than it has in years. Long may that continue.

Elias is over, and he will win a title eventually, but this is not his time. If he beats Seth for the belt, it'll immediately devalue it rather than making Elias look good. By keeping the strap on Rollins until a top heel deserves to take it from him, WWE will maintain his breakout popularity as Raw's workhorse champion.

He's still growing in stature as champion, and there's no need to disrupt that.


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