8 WWE & AEW Wrestlers Living Fascinating Double Lives

7. Xavier Woods (UpUpDownDown)

Britt Baker

The gaming series UpUpDownDown pits fellow wrestlers against each other and has such amazing production value that you'd think it was a Network original series. It's actually the brainchild of the 11-time tag team champ, and he acts as the commissioner of the show alongside Tyler Breeze and some other notable names.

As a consistent part of WWE programming, it's hard to see how Xavier manages to balance his time being a superstar and the commissioner of this YouTube gaming series. He does so expertly, playing to one life as Xavier Woods of The New Day and another as the man behind this fantastic YouTube channel.

Further than just being a fun way for the wrestlers to unwind, UpUpDownDown has proven to be a perfect way for superstars to form a bond backstage, and has clearly led to less toxicity in the background of WWE. So, not only has Woods established two lives as a wrestler and a gaming commissioner/interviewer but he's even become a founding figure in a healthier work environment for WWE.

Some jabs from Mark Callaway aside, it seems that Woods is truly respected for his wrestling, and this channel.

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