8 WWE Reboots That Failed Horribly

Sometimes it is best to leave the past alone...


If there is one thing that modern mass media has something of an obsession with, it's taking things that worked in the past and rebooting them for the modern age. Not a year goes past without some long dead movie franchise returning to our screens, shinier and perfectly watered down for a generation of consumers who weren't around for the first run.

Professional wrestling isn't immune to this, but professional wrestling also does it in an altogether more frustrating manner. Old gimmicks and teams aren't rebooting for the modern age in order to introduce them to a whole new audience, no, more often than not an old tag team or faction is dug up from the grave because a creative team are out of ideas.

It's either that or the fact that an individual's career is floundering, so the creative team once again goes back to the well from which they came in the hope that water is still springing. More often than not, there is no liquid left.

It isn't just teams and stables, World Wrestling Entertainment has tried to do this with an entire promotion. It is best to leave the past alone, Vince.

Here are 8 WWE reboots that completely failed...


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