9 Scary Reasons WWE History Says We'll Hate Roman Reigns By Next Year

We’re already on a very dangerous path with Roman Reigns... one likely not to end well.

It€™s inevitable that if the WWE wants the fans to love someone, within the next year, they€™re going to hate that person. It just happens. It€™s the reverse of telling someone not to eat cake. They€™re going to eat cake. If they tell the WWE Universe they shouldn€™t boo someone, they€™ve already sealed the deal that they will be booed. If there isn€™t a reason to hate someone yet, they€™ll make one up, it doesn€™t matter. That€™s what€™s so scary when the WWE pushes someone as the top babyface in the company, you never know when the crowd will turn on them, and once that happens, it€™s an unwinnable uphill struggle to get them back in good favor. One wrong step along the way, and boom, their career as a babyface could be over. Can the WWE learn from history? Because here comes Roman Reigns! We€™re already on a very dangerous path with Roman Reigns. Are they pushing him too fast? Too hard? Is it okay that every show for the past month has ended with him standing over everyone else? Will the WWE force the fans to hate him? History says yes. Definitely, yes.

9. 5 Moves of Doom 2.0 (€œHogan Knows€€ Only Five Moves)

History doesn€™t lie, and it will tell you that when a wrestler starts to hit the same five moves every single match, the fans will react accordingly. At first, they€™ll erupt. Yay, Hogan is hulking up and who knows what will happen? Then, they become complacent. Oh, Hogan is hulking up and next will be a few punches, a boot to the face, and the leg drop of doom. Finally, the audience will adapt the €œyou can€™t wrestle€ mentality of every match Hogan is in. Ah, Hogan is hulking up, guess they can flip the channel back to the Food Network now. When John Cena took the Hulk Hogan approach to using the same moves every match as a babyface, it was the end of 2003, but he really gained momentum in early 2004 when he defeated the Big Show to win the United States title. By the time John Cena was drafted to Monday Night Raw at the beginning of 2005, the fans already hated him. In a feud with Chris Jericho as the heel, the WWE universe favored Jericho over the babyface John Cena, and a lot of that was contributed to the fact that John Cena€™s matches were always the exact same match every night. This trend never, EVAR ended still to this day. Now, today, how long will it take before they turn on Roman Reigns having a running superpunch, a running spear, and literally no other moves? History says not long.
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