9 Things We Learned From Baron Corbin On Talk Is Jericho

8. Conveying Emotion Was The Steepest Learning Curve For Him

Baron Corbin Dolph Ziggler

Another good point Baron brought up to Y2J revolved around selling. When he played for the Colts and Cardinals, Corbin was always told not to wear pain or even tiredness on his face. The helmet he was wearing helped this, but football stars were encouraged to keep any emotion in check. WWE is naturally different.

One of the hardest things for Corbin to get to grips with was conveying emotion to an audience in the middle of a match. Not only did the newcomer have to focus on what he was doing inside the ring, he had to keep in mind that people watching were supposed to be invested in the match. Facial expressions were the best way to forge that bond between wrestler and fan.

There are similarities between American Football and wrestling, of course. Both are physical, favour showmanship and reward athleticism. One massive difference between them is that need to play for the cameras. It took Corbin a long time to figure that out.


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