9 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE NXT (Oct 9)

WWE show naked indifference towards The Wednesday Night War.


It's not been the best week be a part of the black-and-gold brand.

Last week's exceptional broadcast could be objectively considered one of the best single episodes of television in the history not just of NXT but WWE and modern era professional wrestling. Bursting with quality in-ring content, it boasted a major surprise, mammoth return and a series of tantalising teases for matches sure to come in the very near future.

It was trounced by its opposition.

Be it curiosity or undeniable quality, AEW Dynamite's maiden episode was the choice of the majority of the near-2.5million Americans that sought out wrestling last Wednesday night. It too was transcendent, but ahead of Week 2, WWE's damaging Hell In A Cell booking left plenty drawing lines between the catastrophe of Sunday night and the company within the company later in the week. It chased folk away from wanting to line Vince McMahon's pockets, which in turn could make for another strong week on TNT.

It's Triple H's job not to care about AEW's output just as much as it is deflect attention away from the main WWE product with NXT. How successful was this important second attempt?


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