AEW All Out 2021: 10 Things That Must Happen

9. Tay Conti Wins Casino

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Could Tay Conti provide a much more substantial challenge for Britt long-term? Maybe. It's worth trying, at least, and there are certainly worse options (Nyla Rose...again) hanging around in the women's 'Casino Battle Royale'.

Conti has been turning some heads lately. She's been progressing nicely in-ring, and finally seems to be gaining some traction in AEW after a year of bedding in. Also, creative seemed to be setting her up for a fine babyface redemption story when The Bunny and Penelope Ford joined forced on last week's Rampage.

Anna Jay, who returned to aid Tay on Dynamite, is another outside bet to take the win here.

This guy would give it to Conti though. There's just something so likeable about her, and wrestling fans want her to succeed after WWE so blatantly missed the boat. An underdog feud with Baker could set Conti up nicely as an established babyface for years to come.


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