AEW's Jon Moxley Shoots On Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman In WWE

What does the AEW Champ think of his old Shield buddy's new role?

Jon Moxley hasn't exactly been shy about pinpointing WWE's failings since leaving the company last year.

Now, the reigning AEW World Champion is happy to weigh in on what his friend (and former Shield cohort) Roman Reigns is up to over in the competition. The Sun asked Moxley to give his thoughts on Reigns' recent alliance with Paul Heyman, and AEW's finest was only too happy to tell them.

Now for the twist.


Jon didn't question WWE's logic or bash them at all. In fact, he said the "concept" of Roman teaming up with Heyman was "very cool to me". Then, Mox revealed that he likes the idea of switching his TV on to check out some WWE and seeing all his pals "kicking ass and doing great".

There's no time for inter-promotional warfare when friends are involved, it seems.


Moxley did spend significant time talking up AEW as the premier company in the land during the same interview, but it's interesting that he side-stepped needless criticism to give praise where it's due. Reigns has looked like a new man since linking up with Paul E.

Well said, Jon.

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