Batista Calls Out WWE For "Jobbing Out Asuka"

The Animal wasn't a fan of this piece of Raw women's division booking on Monday.

Batista Instagram

Never shy of speaking his mind on WWE's inconsistent booking is Batista, who hit Instagram to comment on the company's presentation of Asuka earlier this week.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor posted the following in response to a clip of Rhea Ripley defeating Asuka on this week's episode of Raw:-

Seriously? Jobbing out Asuka?! πŸ™„ WTF?

This move came ahead of Sunday's WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view, where Asuka and Charlotte Flair challenge for Ripley's Raw Women's Championship. Rhea's Raw win was a repeat of WrestleMania 37, where the 2021 Royal Rumble runner-up faced Asuka, dethroning her for the gold.


March saw Batista join the army of voices calling WWE out for splitting The Hurt Business ahead of WrestleMania:-

Such complaints were justified. MVP's stable was riding high at the time. Bobby Lashley remains WWE Champion, but Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin have since had their tag team ended in favour of what history tells us will be a couple of go-nowhere singles runs.

The Hurt Business split was such a bad idea, even the talent spoke out against it.


Will this be enough to strike Batista off Vince McMahon's Christmas card list? Probably not, but the big man isn't afraid of offering his true opinion.

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