Becky Lynch Pulls Out Of WWE Survivor Series

You'll never guess her replacement...


Just as Becky Lynch was reaching the apex of her heel arc, the WWE injury bug has bitten once more, and the 'Lasskicker' will no longer be participating in her much anticipated contest opposite Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series this Sunday.

WWE have put the withdrawal down to injuries suffered by Lynch during the melee at the close of this week's Raw, during which she received a busted nose and a bloody face courtesy of human wrecking machine Nia Jax. The company described Becky as receiving a "severe concussion" and a "broken face" Ouch. It's not understood at this time whether these injuries are legitimate, or a storyline reason to excuse the Irish champ.

Becky cut an impassioned promo on last night's SmackDown, saying she had desperately petitioned to be allowed to compete this Sunday. In her stead, she handpicked a replacement; despite being embroiled in a bitter feud for the last few months, Lynch picked none other than Charlotte Flair. Who else?


Charlotte will now face WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey at this Sunday's Survivor Series, in the first meeting between the pair.

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