Bray Wyatt Teases Breaking His WWE Silence On THAT Hell In A Cell Match

The world is waiting for one of the most creative minds to discuss that terrible finish.

Bray Wyatt tweet
WWE/Twitter, @WWEBrayWyatt

The wrestling community on Twitter was sent into meltdown earlier this morning, thanks to a single sentence posted by the former Bray Wyatt.

Now going by his given name, Windham, the man behind 'The Fiend' mask, replied to a tweet from WrestlingNews, who had summarised the excellent Seth Rollins appearance on the Broken Skull Session Podcast. In the interview hosted by WWE legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rollins revealed he wanted to 'strangle Vince McMahon' after the maligned finish to the Hell In A Cell 2019 main event.

If you recall, under the harmful red lights, within the hideous red cell, Rollins went to war with The Fiend in a match that descended into parody. After countless stomps, Rollins began piling weapons on top of Wyatt, eventually garnering a DQ. It was one of the biggest booking errors in recent memory and had a harmful effect on both men.


With Rollins opinion clear, it now appears that Windham will be breaking his silence very soon judging by his tweet:

With his non-compete clause expiring next month, the wrestling world is waiting with bated breath on where one of the most creative minds in wrestling ends up. It seems, now, we are also waiting for his views on the night where many believe his greatest creation died.

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