CM Punk Jokes About Working WWE WrestleMania 37

'Voice Of The Voiceless' on the 'Show Of Shows'?


CM Punk responded with jokes when a fan asked during a Twitter Q&A if he'd be interested in wrestling Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37 next year.

Replying, Punk ribbed everyone in sight by saying he'd prefer to do the opening match because "that show is 67 hours long". That led to some applause .GIFs from those who appreciated Punk's sense of humour.

Others, however, weren't so keen on the thought of the ex-World Champ dissing 'Mania. That's typical of social media though - you absolutely cannot please everybody, and CM Punk isn't the kind of dude who's going to try anyway.


He does his own thing.

Besides, Punk's remark was light-hearted and very much tongue-in-cheek. WrestleMania is traditionally the longest pay-per-view of the year, and it can be an exhaustive, day-long experience. That's how WWE like it, and they're not going to change now. Punk knows this, and was only having a laugh.


A match with Reigns wouldn't be easy, but it's possible. Roman has previously admitted that he doesn't really like Punk personally, but would be willing to do business if WWE demanded it.

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