CM Punk Names WWE's "Mr. SummerSlam"

Also names "Mr. In Your House" and "Mr. Survivor Series", because why the hell not?

CM Punk replied to a fun tweet from the @WWEonFOX Twitter account that asked fans to name their "Mr. SummerSlam", "Mr. In Your House" and "Mr. Survivor Series".

Compiling his own personal list, the former WWE Champion named Bret Hart as "Mr. SummerSlam". He then joked that he came in as a close runner up and added a wink emoji to sell the light-hearted nature of his comment.

Meanwhile, the "Mr. Survivor Series" berth went to The Gobbledy Gooker, which is top notch banter from Punk. Rounding things off, he was torn between The 1-2-3 Kid and Hakushi for the title of "Mr. In Your House"; the latter name will come as a surprise to some fans.


For reference, Hakuski appeared on only one In Your House pay-per-view (the very first in the series) and lost to Bret in quite the opener. That, to Punk, qualifies him to get the nod as "Mr. IYH". Johnny Gargano will be furious!

Seriously though, it's hard to argue with Hart as the SummerSlam pick. His matches with the likes of Mr. Perfect, his brother Owen and The Undertaker were classics.

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