CM Punk's 10 Greatest Heel WWE Moments

6. €˜No One Disrespects Me, Dwayne!€™

Raw 1000 was one of the biggest WWE TV broadcasts in recent memory. Early on in the show, two icons met face to face in the ring for the first time, as Rock announced that come Royal Rumble he would challenge the Champion for the belt, and Punk assured him that it would be him. Later on in the night, the Big Show interrupted the main event between John Cena and CM Punk, attacking his then-enemy Cena. Punk left the ring and Cena to a chorus of boos, and The Rock made a surprise appearance to help his former rival. Rock took down the Big Show with a spinebuster and set him up for the People€™s Elbow, only for CM Punk to return, leap across the ring and take the Great One down with a savage clothesline. Punk looked possessed in the ring as he mimicked The Rock€™s Rock Bottom predator like stance, he stomped on the ground with his arms dangling lifelessly and waited for The Rock to return to his feet before delivering a devastating GTS, knocking him out cold like a block of ice (Rock€™s words). Despite his critics in the IWC, The Rock sold Punk€™s attack like the absolute pro he is and made Punk seem more legit and dangerous than he had during his run as champion. This was the first page in a terrific rivalry between the Best in the World and the Greatest in All of Entertainment, and the first step in one of the most exciting heel runs in recent years.
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