El Phantasmo Vs. TJP For The RevPro British Cruiserweight Title Is Going To Be Fire

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TJP is admittedly frustrated about how his last match against EL-P went down, ending with a nutshot and pinfall loss at NJPW's Super J-Cup earlier this year. Perkins has had much more luck wrestling in House of Glory, where he's a champion, and in IMPACT where he recently made his television return.

"The RevPro British Cruiserweight title has its own influence as to what it means to people and it's an honor to just be in the ring with that title, and [would be] as well as hold it."

EL-P appears to be finished feuding with former tag-partner Robbie Eagles, and with Will Ospreay ...at least for now. And if the RevPro cruiserweight title were to change hands – and if TJP gives El Phantasmo a real run for his money – might we be witnessing the start of a new feud for the champ?

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