Every Wrestler AEW Just Released

AEW has released the following ten names.

Parker Boudreaux

Having historically been a company that fully honours contracts and doesn't release talent, AEW has somewhat surprisingly now released a total of ten names.

First reported by PWInsider and Fightful, AEW is said to be evaluating its talent roster at the moment. As such, cuts have been made that are seen as benefitting both the company and those now no longer with All Elite Wrestling. On that front, the belief is that those released will be free agents immediately and don't have any sort of non-compete clauses in place that would stop them from working elsewhere.

In terms of wrestlers, prior to this, AEW has only ever released a handful of people across its history. Of course, the biggest name to be released by the promotion is CM Punk, with the Second City Saint fired shortly after All In last year. Elsewhere, Frankie Kazarian is someone who was granted their release when they still had two years of an AEW contract left, and Ivelisse and Jimmy Havoc are amongst the others who've been released. In the case of Ivelisse, her release seemed to stem from issues with Thunder Rosa, whilst Havoc was fired after his name was featured in the Speaking Out movement.

The point being, it's a rarity for AEW to fire anyone, let alone to do a significant round of multiple releases. While it's uncertain if any further names will be let go by the promotion, here are the ten names who were yesterday released by AEW.

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