How The Fiend Could Affect These 8 WWE Superstars

All these wrestlers have to do is let... him... in.

Since creating his Fiend persona, there's no doubting that Bray Wyatt has undergone a reinvention so impressive and intriguing that it's made him one of the most must-see wrestlers on the planet.

Say what you want about the Fiend's matches - and let's not forget that god-awful lighting! - but Wyatt has gone from perennial loser to all-encompassing monster in the blink of an eye. Forgotten are those times when Bray would talk a big game, only to ultimately lose a big match. No, this genuinely feels like a different Bray Wyatt, a better Bray Wyatt, a more interesting Bray Wyatt, and a Bray Wyatt that, frankly, is worth the hype.

As part of his Fiend shtick, of course, Wyatt has had an eerie effect on those who have been in his way.

In a unique twist, those who have squared off with The Fiend have followed that battle up by embracing certain elements of their own past - Finn Bálor welcoming back his darker Prince Devitt persona, Daniel Bryan losing his hair and face fuzz as he reverted back to a more American Dragon-esque character, and The Miz turning heel and re-teaming with John Morrison.

Whoever crosses The Fiend ends up changed. And with that in mind, here is what could happen to eight (well, technically nine) superstars should they find themselves in Bray Wyatt's sights.


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