Kurt Angle Says WWE Should "Consistently Push" This Wrestler

WWE legend Kurt Angle thinks this guy deserves another main event run.

Dolph Ziggler

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle wants to see the promotion push Dolph Ziggler again.

The Olympian has always been a huge fan of Dolph's over the years, and he continued flying the flag for the 'Show Off' via his podcast. There, Angle said that WWE should "consistently push" Ziggler to the top of cards and maybe even give him another stab at being World Champion again.

Most fans probably reckon that ship has sailed for Dolph in 2023, but it isn't impossible that Triple H/Vince McMahon would thrust him into a main event feud this year. It is, however, rather far-fetched to suggest the veteran would be called upon to lead the charge on Raw or SmackDown permanently.


Angle thinks that's a pity, because he actually views Ziggler as "the MVP" (not Montel Vontavious Porter) of the entire promotion. Kurt pointed out that Dolph does a great job regardless of where he's placed on the card, and he believes that should be rewarded with more TV time.

Ziggler did get a 27-day run as NXT Champion last year, but he's been used sparingly on Raw since.

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