Kurt Angle's HILARIOUS Stephanie McMahon Kiss Story

What did Vince McMahon have to say about Kurt smooching his daughter?

Kurt Angle gave Steve Austin a little bonus during his 'Broken Skull Sessions' appearance by telling the grinning 'Stone Cold' what Vince McMahon's reaction was when he kissed his daughter Stephanie 20 years ago.

On the 24 August 2000 episode of SmackDown, Kurt planted a smooch on Steph after carrying her to the backstage area. Angle admits he found the sketch nerve-wracking, but only because Vince was "around three feet away" and directing the whole thing.

The boss wasn't going to put up with some half-hearted kiss either.


Kurt was so worried about raising the ire of Vince that he kept his mouth closed and refused to kiss Stephanie properly. When they'd finished filming, Steph pulled back and said, "You kiss like a fish". Vince, meanwhile, sat next to the scene with wide eyes and stared a hole through Angle after hearing his daughter's comment.

Angle was mortified, but tried to explain that he was only being polite.


The kiss was all part of a storyline love triangle between the pair and Triple H. Kurt just found the whole thing awkward, especially when Vince was present.

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