Latest Backstage Details On MJF & Tony Khan's AEW Argument

How MJF and Tony Khan squashed their brief AEW beef.

Tony Khan MJF

New details have emerged on the mutual backstage "frustration" between Tony Khan and MJF in All Elite Wrestling.

The issues stemmed from MJF's recent interview with combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani. While AEW owner Khan wasn't upset with the content of the conversation, which saw MJF speak openly on his AEW contract status, he took issue with the 26-year-old not clearing it with his promotion's PR department. This reportedly led to a "heated discussion" between the two over the weekend.

Now, Fightful Select (who broke the story in the first place) have effectively corroborated Dave Meltzer's report that the issue has since been dealt with.


In an update to the original story, the outlet notes that a "much smoother" conversation ended up taking place between Khan and MJF on Monday. Khan's frustration had come from the Helwani situation potentially setting a precedent for talent, who are required to run media appearances past PR, while MJF's comes from his contractual situation. Contract-wise, MJF is reportedly earning less money than several wrestlers who have come into the promotion after him, hence his frustration.

People within AEW have indicated that Khan and MJF enjoy a good relationship, having become friends since AEW's formation.

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