Latest Update On Injury To WWE's Drew McIntyre

'The Scottish Warrior' "medically disqualified" from competing, but for how long?

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Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is currently attempting to wrestle through injuries, though they're at very least not "long-term".

This is per Wrestling Observer, who filed the following on 'The Scottish Warrior's current knock;

“[McIntyre] is injured. I was told an injury, but it’s not from a firsthand source," Meltzer said. "But he’s supposed to be back for the Christmas [house] shows. So it’s only a couple of weeks, I know that. The only thing I know is that he wanted to wrestle and they would not let him wrestle. But it's not like it's going to be a long-term thing, at least as it stands right now.”

The news follows various reports from PWInsider that he'd also been working through sickness for shows around November's Crown Jewel, and that he'd earned praise backstage for his attitude and demeanour in general.


McIntyre was originally set to team with Sheamus against The Usos on this week's SmackDown, having last laced up the boots for a house show main event 24 hours after working in the titular main event of Survivor Series WarGames last Saturday. He announced he was "medically disqualified" from that but gave no timeline (beyond "soon") for his return.


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