Latest Update On Triple H's WWE NXT Status

Who ran NXT in Triple H's absence, Vince McMahon's role, and more.

Triple H

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Triple H "probably won't be back for a while," as the WWE COO and NXT Executive Producer missed this week's NXT 2.0 relaunch after recently undergoing surgery following a "cardiac event."

Shawn Michaels was apparently the man in charge in Triple H's absence. As previously reported, Kevin Dunn was also at the Capitol Wrestling Center, overseeing the broadcast.

As far as Vince McMahon goes, Meltzer stated that the WWE Chairman and CEO had a hand in the show's creative, but wasn't the "key guy" with it. He ended up reviewing the script as the developmental brand geared up for one of the most transformational nights in its history, as NXT abandoned its old black and gold identity for a brighter, more colourful one.


A number of new faces were introduced along with the new arena design, logo, and theme song, including second-generation stars Bron Breakker (son of Rick Steiner) and Von Wagner (son of Wayne Bloom). This is part of a wider shift in WWE's developmental focus, with the company moving towards younger, bigger wrestlers possessing what they consider to be main roster potential.

No further updates on Triple H have been forthcoming since news of his surgery broke last week. May he soon be back to full health.

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