Matt Hardy Says Goodbye To WWE After Raw

Have we seen the last of Matt in WWE?

Matt Hardy

We may have just seen the last of Matt Hardy in WWE, as the multi-time tag team champion said "goodbye" to the promotion and his fans after getting destroyed by Randy Orton on last night's Raw.

The televised segment saw Hardy attempt to reason with Orton following his recent brutal beatdown of Edge. Matt put his former rival's return over huge and asked "Randy, what in the hell is wrong with you?", only for 'The Viper' to spring an attempted RKO. Hardy countered the first attempt and fought Orton off but was eventually put down, then had his skull compacted by a couple of steel chairs, with Orton sandwiching his head.

So, was this Hardy's officially WWE writeoff? It certainly seems that way.

Matt tweeted the following after the show:-

It's well-known that Matt's current WWE deal expires on 1 March. His wrestling future has been the suspect of widespread speculation for months and PWInsider had a new update on his situation prior to Raw, reporting that the two parties are yet to come to terms.

Matt has been linked heavily with AEW should he walk away from WWE. His brother Jeff, meanwhile, is scheduled to report to the WWE Performance Center next week following his long absence (per the same PWInsider report).

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