Moose Interview: IMPACT Bound For Glory, EC3, TNA World Title, Heel Run, More

How much have you seen IMPACT change and grow from what it was when you started there in 2016 to what it is today?

Moose: The company has changed so much. I remember when I came to IMPACT Wrestling a little over four years ago, I thought it was the worst decision I'd ever made just because of how bad the company was being run. Then Anthem bought the company and put Don [Callis] and Scott [D'Amore] in charge and things made a quick turnaround, like a 360 change. As of right now, I think a lot of people would say we're one of the top two wrestling companies out there, which is great.

With everything going on at the time, were there any worries going into Bound for Glory 2016 that the company could actually close down?

Moose: Yeah, definitely. Going into that pay-per-view, my first-ever Bound for Glory, two days beforehand we didn't even know if we were going to have a pay-per-view. There wasn't enough money whatsoever or whatever the causes were, but a lot of the talent was worried there might not be a pay-per-view. That's how bad the company was back then, but like I said, it's been a 360 turnaround with Anthem buying the company and Ed [Nordholm] running the show and putting Scott in charge and Don doing his thing. We're probably the best wrestling company out there, but for argument sake, I'll say so as far as the quality of our wrestlers and the stuff we put on week to week on TV and the storylines. I'm happy to be a part of the company and I'm happy that now we're considered a competitive, stable, and great wrestling company.

When did it really start to click for you as a performer in IMPACT and was turning heel two years ago the catalyst for the great run we're seeing from you today?

Moose: It could have been. I tell people that there's a point in your career that the light turns on and you start to get it. I think when I had my feud with Eddie Edwards, that's when the light bulb inside my head clicked and I started to understand what professional wrestling really is and what being an entertainer and being a pro is all about.


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