New Details On Drew McIntyre's Absence From WWE SmackDown

Rumours rumble on about the Scottish Warrior's WWE future.

Drew McIntyre

With Drew McIntyre recently going dark on Twitter and removing all WWE references, there's an update on the Scottish Warrior's status where it pertains to this past Friday's episode of SmackDown.

For those who tuned in to SmackDown on Friday, McIntyre was completely absent from the broadcast. That in itself was then followed by the aforementioned Twitter action from the powerhouse.

Advertisement is now reporting that Drew took part in several local interviews to promote this Lincoln, Nebraska-housed outing for WWE's blue brand. Additionally, the Pinnacle Bank Arena had promotional images of McIntyre in place for this show, and the belief is that the 37-year-old was originally scheduled to be a part of this particular Smackers offering.

It was reported earlier this month how McIntyre's current WWE deal is due to expire at the end of the year, and the two-time WWE Champion is said to have "a number of factors to consider" when it comes to re-signing with the market leader. For their part, WWE is extremely keen for Drew to pen a new deal, though the star himself is happy to wait until closer to the end of his current contract before making a decision on his future.


The last time fans saw Drew McIntyre was at WrestleMania 39, where he, Sheamus and GUNTHER put on an all-time classic for the Ring General's Intercontinental Championship. In fact, it was McIntyre who was pinned by GUNTHER in that bout, as the Austrian's dominant reign with the IC Title continues on.

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