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Details on the latest addition to WWE's ever-evolving talent pool.

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As confirmed during last night's episode of NXT 2.0, WWE has kayfabe signed 18-year-old Thea Hail, who, in reality, has been with the promotion since March.

Nonetheless, Hail's arrival was formally announced on NXT 2.0. WWE gave the high school athlete airtime with a video package in which she called her tryout the hardest thing she has ever done, then stated that WWE was allowing her to train to be a wrestler at the Performance Center while attending college.

Hail is due to graduate from high school next week. Despite this, WWE won't be her first taste of professional wrestling. Previously competing as Nikita Knight on the north-eastern United States independent circuit, the first match listed on her Cagematch profile is actually an 11 September loss to AEW's Thunder Rosa at the promotion's Dark tapings.


Hail has worked four matches in her WWE career. Having debuted in a defeat to Ivy Nile on NXT Level Up's 8 April episode, she has followed this up with further losses to Fallon Henley, Sloane Jacobs, and Elektra Lopez.

The 18-year-old's athletic background is primarily in gymnastics and vault, in which she is a six-time state champion.


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