Paul Wight Is "Extremely Motivated" To Be In AEW

Cody Rhodes speaks on the former Big Show ahead of tonight's Dynamite debut.

Paul Wight

Cody Rhodes claims that Paul 'Big Show' Wight is "extremely, extremely motivated" to be part of All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking during today's pre-Revolution media call, the AEW EVP said that the company's negotiations with Wight didn't take a lot of time "simply because he wants to be here."

While Wight is primarily in AEW to serve as an announcer on the upcoming Dark: Elevation show, Rhodes stated that he believes the former Big Show will eventually have a "match or four." He put over Wight's ability to "still go at a high level."


On top of this, Cody believes the 49-year-old will be a great benefit to the company's younger viewers. Rhodes is excited about the seven-footer being part of the AEW locker-room as Wight, a 27-year wrestling veteran, will help keep up-and-coming wrestlers grounded and provide perspective, much like Sting has done since signing with AEW.

Wight will make his first AEW appearance on tonight's episode of Dynamite, though there's no word on what this may entail. He'll debut in the Dark: Elevation booth when the show broadcasts on YouTube for the first time on Monday 15 March.

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