Predicting Every 2016 WWE PPV Main Event After WrestleMania 32

WWE's year is looking like this...

WrestleMania is the conclusion of WWE's year, a season finale which wraps up narratives and completes character story arcs. It is also the night "where it all begins again" and, as witnessed with WrestleMania 31, the months afterwards are often dictated by what went down at the Showcase of the Immortals. WWE have already foreshadowed some of the action that fans can expect this spring. Meanwhile, industry insiders have offered backstage insight on what the plans are this summer. Even as far as the autumn and winter, some pretty good guesses can be made regarding what Vince McMahon will be offering in his main events. Before getting to the predictions on the next eight months worth of main events, something firstly needs to be said on the WrestleMania 32 main event: Roman Reigns will win the WWE Championship from Triple H. That's been the plan for a while and WWE aren't about to change it. As for Reigns as the guy on top, he's already main evented the last four PPVs, starting with his WWE Title win (and loss) at Survivor Series 2015. He's already very much positioned as the franchise star and is set to further dominate the PPV main event landscape in 2016. The following is what to expect for the remainder of WWE's PPV calendar, which naturally includes a whole lot of Roman Reigns.
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