Ranking 10 NXT Call-Ups That Must Happen

9. Bobby Roode - 3/10

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As one of the most respected men in the wrestling industry, Bobby Roode's presence in NXT might be as much due to the advice and example he can provide to young athletes as much as his capabilities in the ring. The same was true of Samoa Joe, though, and like Joe, Roode could also be called up to serve as a trusted, rock-solid hand on the main roster.

Roode is the current NXT champion and in this capacity helped the audience get behind Roderick Strong in their championship match. This ability to get the most out of an opponent and build a story in the ring could make Roode an extremely useful element of WWE.

Ironically his greatest strength in NXT, the awesome Glorious gimmick, might hold him back on the main roster. He went into NXT at the top, where his Ric Flair-like sequinned gown and self-aggrandising style worked perfectly. He's unlikely to be able to pull that off on Raw or SmackDown, so if he gets called up, he'll probably need a creative makeover.

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