Ranking All 16 WWE WrestleMania Celebrity Matches

13. WrestleMania 39: Snoop Dogg Versus The Miz

Johnny Knoxville WrestleMania celebrity matches ranked


Perhaps it’s unfair to harshly judge Snoop Dogg, who was on hosting duties during WrestleMania 39 when he was thrust into the role of emergency wrestler.

Continuing a theme from the first night, when Pat McAfee emerged to challenge and defeat co-host The Miz, Shane McMahon came out that Sunday to fight his former tag partner and rival. This gave fans the instantly meme-worthy Michael Cole call of “Shane’s still got it!” just seconds before Shane-O-Mac blew out his knee/leg on a leapfrog.

With everything falling apart, Snoop stepped in as a mid-match substitute for McMahon, dropping Miz and putting him away with possibly the worst-looking People’s Elbow in history. Mercifully, it was over.

Snoop deserves a ton of credit for stepping up and competing while in a tracksuit. But this was bad, almost embarrassingly reality-breaking bad.

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