Ranking All Of Goldberg’s WWE Return Matches From Worst To Best

Goldberg worked 12 matches during his second WWE stint. Were they all terrible?!

Goldberg WWE SummerSlam 2019

You might have witnessed the last of Bill Goldberg in a pro wrestling ring.

Or, if recent comments from AEW boss Tony Khan are anything to go by, then maybe not. One thing is for sure though: Triple H has no place for Goldberg in WWE circa 2023. The ex-WCW favourite's contract has expired, and his days of terrorising younger fans with short bouts against all comers on events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam appear to be over.

What will Bill's legacy be? That's a big question, because older fans still regard the apex of his WCW days as "proper Goldberg". Truthfully, his second WWE run (the first, between 2002-2004, was a nightmare for the guy and his lingering fanbase) has produced more decent matches than many critics would be willing to admit.

The bad overshadows the good, definitely, but not every Goldberg match post-2016 comeback was the drizzling sh*ts. Some of them were actually rather fun. All 12 of his return bouts go under the microscope here - which ones should you revisit, and which ones deserve to be deleted from WWE's servers?

Spears, Jackhammers and squashes galore await...

12. Bray Wyatt (Super ShowDown 2020)

Goldberg WWE SummerSlam 2019

Undeniably horrible.

Those two words sum up Goldberg marauding through Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' alter ego at SuperShowDown 2020 over in Saudi Arabia. This nightmarish evening completely neutered that character, and it left one seriously bad taste in the mouths of those still reeling from Bill's prior Saudi sh*tshow (we'll get to that).

Super ShowDown 2020 takes home the prize for worst Goldberg return bout because it felt so counterproductive. WWE were in the midst of building a fresh persona for Wyatt that'd tickle those who wanted larger-than-life gimmicks. Then, in just three short minutes, they killed off Bray's chances and turned the stomachs of supporters.

Wyatt didn't go into the Goldberg feud with a ton of momentum. In fact, most agreed he didn't need the Universal Title at all. That poor decision was followed by another - Bill and Bray combined to hack off the core fanbase and make them wonder why they'd even bothered tuning in.

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