Ranking Every WWE Championship Reign Of 2023

7. IYO SKY - WWE Women's Championship

Seth Rollins belt

IYO SKY's women's title reign already checks so many boxes.

Her cash-in victory was an exciting moment that crowned a brand new main roster champion, which is always refreshing to see. That Bianca Belair, who hasn't been on Raw and Smackdown herself for all that long, could make a big deal about SKY's win said a lot of the positive directions the company has been moving in. The crowning of SKY was just the next step.

And, better yet, SKY has been very active with the title since August. She's defended against Vega, Flair and Belair, even going so far as to have an impressive 20-minute clash with Asuka on SmackDown in September. Having so many wins under her belt already is helped by SKY being so entertaining to watch. Plus, having her Damage CTRL sisters by her side makes up for any promo shortcomings.

It's always refreshing to have a brand new champion, but it's made all the better that SKY and all of her stablemates are doing an incredibly committed job in raising the stock in a belt which had been largely dull until she got her hands on it.


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